• The teenager girl who wanted to go to her homecoming dance and died 3 days later.

    Brett Marie Christian, 15, had leukemia and the prognosis wasn't good. She was dying, but before she died, she wanted one last dance but she was too sick to go to the Homecoming Dance. So her classmates made her last wish come true and brought the dance to her. That's how Palmyra High's homecoming came early that year at the Monarch in Lincoln, where people go to die. She wore a pink dress and her hair in curls. She had a manicure and a pedicure. Her date bought her a corsage and a necklace, too. Brett and Treyton Carter danced the first dance in the commons room, with 50 or more of their classmates who were dressed for a party. 

    Miss Christian was crowned homecoming queen on a Saturday night and died three days later with her family all around. There were lots of things the high school sophomore knew she'd miss. Getting married, having kids, growing old .But she wanted one last dance.


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